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Welcome to the Rekola biodynamic farm!

The biodynamic farm Rekola is located in the village of Heponiemi in Kangasala in central Finland nearby the city of Tampere. The farm has been farmed using biodynamic farming methods since the beginning of the 1970’s. The Rekola farm consists of agriculture including vegetable growing, farming of animals and forestry. We have also our own farm bakery. Our farm cooperates closely with our customers and forms with them a unique entity. We organize on our farm a wide range of social activities such as seasonal events and festivities and harvesting voluntary work parties.

In biodynamic farming it is central to create a diverse and ecological entity of a farm. Another aspect emphasized in biodynamic farming is the responsibility of the farmer and the customer to care about the nature and farm animals. In the food chain from the farm to the dinner table it is essential to cooperate and to guarantee the high quality of the food that improves the quality of human life.
The agricultural methods used form the base in food production. The maintenance and enhancement of the soil fertility, the genetic diversity of grown crops and farm animals and the biodiversity of the surrounding nature are essential.
The agriculture must provide humans and animals with healthy food that must not have adverse impact on human health. The high quality of the food supports the mental growth of an individual.



Parvelantie 68, 36520 Raikku, Finland

Joona Rekola
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Henri Murto
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